Deploy BEP721 NFT Minting Contract on Binance Smart Chain

How to create an NFT collection on the Binance Smart Chain with a name and a symbol.

To use this method, you need an idexo API key.

Assuming you have installed the SDK, you can use the following code in your file (instructions on modifying it follows):

const ido = require('idexo-sdk')
ido.Binance.deployBEP721('My NFT Collection', 'MNFTC', apiKey)
.then(res => console.log(

To customize the above code you need:

  1. The name of the NFT collection. Replace 'My NFT Collection' with that. For example you could call it 'My Awesome Art'.

  2. The symbol of the token. Replace 'MNFTC' with that. For example you could call it 'MAA'.

  3. Your idexo API key.

Using the above examples, your code would become:

const ido = require('idexo-sdk')
ido.Binance.deployBEP721('My Awesome Art', 'MAA', apiKey)

The method in summary is:

ido.Binance.deployBEP721(name, symbol, apiKey)